Sweetwater Brewing Company Happy Ending Imperial Stout

My neighbor is pretty fit, but his washboard abs just aren’t appearing as one would expect of someone at his activity level. It’s his beer diet, and he has come to the decision to slow down the consumption and perhaps only enjoy a good beer on a weekend day. I don’t think that’s a horrible idea, plus there’s a budgetary reason also for not drinking several craft brews daily (imperial series at that). I figured I could go without beer every day too. I could just pick and choose beers at the package store, and bring them home to think about or keep for a rainy day. Then I found Sweetwater Brewing Company‘s Happy Ending Imperial Stout last night. I took it home and put it on the bottom shelf, behind the milk where I couldn’t see it.

Today went well until after lunch. I had gone for my daily run and was home eating a bite but found myself still hungry afterwards. I opened the fridge and I heard it calling. I couldn’t see where the noise was coming from but I knew exactly what it was. From behind the milk I heard a faint

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