Unibroue Trois Pistoles

I just drank this Trois Pistoles (translated by Google as “Three Pistoles,” but I’m guessing it’s supposed to be “Pistols”) and my breath is atrocious. This stuff is thick, like an Imperial stout, and feels like a loaf of bread.


It’s got a bottle-conditioned taste to it as it is in fact bottle-conditioned, and subtle and smooth carbonation. I can’t really see the carbonation in the glass, and there’s little head retention. The label states at the bottom “bottle refermentation,” and that’s what defines “bottle conditioning.” Dogfish Head does this a lot, as do most home brewers. A little bit of priming sugar (and sometimes more yeast) added when bottling reawakens the remaining yeast in unfiltered beer, which consumes the sugar through fermentation inside the bottle. This creates the by-product of carbon dioxide which can’t escape. The CO2 is then forced back into the beer – carbonating it for your pleasure. This differs from forced carbonation in which a keg or other container is pressurized with CO2.

Unibroue has been brewing Trois Pistoles since 1997 and they describe the flavor as I never could:

Slightly sweet. Enhanced by accents of roasted malt, cocoa, ripe fruit and dark spices with a smooth finish like an old port.

They also include “Brown Rum” in the description of the aroma, which somehow more accurately describes that nose-flavor than I would have ever considered words for. The sharp fruitiness lent by the roasted malts and high alcohol content really make it come alive when you uncap it.

I recommend this Canadian monster for an after-dinner dessert, as long as it’s a light dinner. On the other hand, you could probably just have one or two for dinner. That would save time and get you to bed early too.

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