Hoppy IPA Day!

I must admit I’d never heard of IPA Day until this year, but in my defense it’s not a national pastime yet.  Today is the 2nd Annual IPA Day according to the official site of the celebration, so get to your local craft beer retailer and pick some up!

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Folks who know me and drink with me are well aware that I’m a hop-head and enjoy extreme bitterness.  I don’t know what else to say here, but I feel obligated to contribute something to the beer community today so we can remember each year and keep IPA Day alive forever.

It’s no secret that IPA is a growing trend in craft beer enjoyment, and much has been written about the style.  There are websites dedicated to it and there are only rare craft breweries that don’t make some version of pale ale.

In light of the holiday I’ll share the names of India Pale Ales that were most memorable to my palate in the past year:

Hoppy drinking, my fellow craft beer connoisseurs!

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