Marijuana in Home Brewing

Would you like a pale and bitter High-PA?  A Secret Stash Stout?  Those are some corny names I came up with while thinking about beer with THC in it, given the recent passings of bills allowing recreational use of marijuana in Washington and Colorado.  I’m not here to give you instructions on how to infuse your homebrew with ganja, just to talk about the possibility.  While I’m on a roll: Cannabeer.

Disclaimer: I have never tried weed and have no idea what it is to get or be stoned.  Sounds fun though.

I came across an article the other day that made me think about how many home brewers are also potheads (not saying potheads are bad people) and how many of them regularly experiment with this magical mix.  Since I’ve never tried any illegal drug and I’m not regularly exposed to Mary Jane, it just doesn’t come to mind for me.  Apparently now it’s legal to mix tetrahydrocannabinol in homebrew in those states, and likely more folks will be trying that where it’s been allowed.  This new liberty may in fact give rise to the popularity of doing such a thing, leading people to do what they already do with it whenever they want regardless of whether it’s still forbidden.

We could have arguments about legality, morality, the national debt, and the science of it here, but I’m not here to argue about it.  This is purely something I wonder: would the effect be the same as drinking home brew and smoking pot?  Would it be worth the money to add that much weed to a batch (I’ve heard an ounce per gallon)?

From a commercial standpoint, this is a no-brainer: marijuana is still illegal in the United States at the federal level, and they’re just the people that brewers have to work with to distribute their existing product.  The feds even have to approve the bottle/can labels and each change to any label.  I’ve heard it’s quite a pain.  So fundamentally, beer with THC won’t ever make it to market in our lifetimes.  Even caffeine in beer became a no-go back in 2010.  You’ll simply never find beer and marijuana in the same package at the 7-Eleven.

So the questions remain:

Would you try brewing a batch for yourself?  Would you try someone else’s WeedBrew?  Also, what else would you consider cramming in to your kettle or fermenter that might not be on the up-and-up?  Let me know your thoughts (and clever WeedBeer name ideas) in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Marijuana in Home Brewing

  1. Wait…so you guys aren’t toking up before every show? I could have sworn….
    I’m not sure I’d appreciate a Bush Light (Up), because doesn’t weed always smell like skunk.  I’ve never personally thought to myself, “You know, I’d like to taste that smell in a beverage.”

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