Arcade Brewery Launches Its First Label Design Challenge

I received an e-mail from Lance Curran at Arcade Brewery today:

For Immediate Release

Arcade Brewery, a soon-to-open Chicago craft brewery, recently launched their first Public Brew challenge; a crowdsourced beer line. The Public Brew series engages Arcade Brewery’s community to help create aspects of the beer from naming the beer, label design, and even suggestive aspects of recipe formulation. The first Public Brew will be a Scotch Ale.

Arcade Brewery recently polled their community for beer names on their Facebook page. More than 150 submissions were reduced to 7 finalists and over 470 votes determined the Scotch Ale’s future name: William Wallace Wrestle Fest.

Arcade Brewery is now accepting label design submissions for the newly named beer through March 15th, 2013. The artist of the winning design will be awarded $300 and have their design printed as the beer’s label. More information on the label designchallenge can be found at

Arcade Brewery will also be launching 6 Pack Stories (a comic across 6 bottles of beer)  his summer. 6 Pack Stories is written by Jason Aaron (Scalped, Thor, Wolverine) and  designed by Tony Moore (The Walking Dead, Venom, Fear Agent, Deadpool)

Please feel free to email with questions or for more details on the challenge.


My Own Angry Orchard

As you may be aware from reading a previous post, I made a good hard apple cider recently and bottled it three weeks ago today.  This being my first fruit-based product and containing lots of sugar and active yeast, I was weary of bottling them in glass.  When my babysitter was to arrive this morning, I contemplated moving them to the shed from the kitchen floor where nothing would ruin if one popped or a cap came loose.

“Nah,” I told myself.  “…it’s been three weeks already.  It has to be settled by now.”

At 11:28 this morning, I got a text from the babysitter: “…one of the bottles in the box in the kitchen busted….”  Great.

No one was in the kitchen and no one was injured.  For that I am thankful.

I came home today to find the bottle, expecting to see a bottle broken at the neck with the cap still attached.  I did not find what I expected:

2013-02-18 17.06.12 2013-02-18 17.06.19

They had swept up the rest, including the cap.  There are still glass shards around the inside of the box.  This wasn’t a bottle popping, it was an alcoholic grenade.  I had originally thought they’d be under some pressure, but I guess I was wrong about them being safe after a few weeks.  Now I’m going to keep them outside somewhere they won’t get too much sun for a while and check on them later.  I don’t think I’m comfortable with shipping these quite yet.

I’ll report later if there are more incidents (and start drinking them tonight).  I’m just glad I didn’t give too many away so far – someone could have had a bad day.

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