My Own Angry Orchard

As you may be aware from reading a previous post, I made a good hard apple cider recently and bottled it three weeks ago today.  This being my first fruit-based product and containing lots of sugar and active yeast, I was weary of bottling them in glass.  When my babysitter was to arrive this morning, I contemplated moving them to the shed from the kitchen floor where nothing would ruin if one popped or a cap came loose.

“Nah,” I told myself.  “…it’s been three weeks already.  It has to be settled by now.”

At 11:28 this morning, I got a text from the babysitter: “…one of the bottles in the box in the kitchen busted….”  Great.

No one was in the kitchen and no one was injured.  For that I am thankful.

I came home today to find the bottle, expecting to see a bottle broken at the neck with the cap still attached.  I did not find what I expected:

2013-02-18 17.06.12 2013-02-18 17.06.19

They had swept up the rest, including the cap.  There are still glass shards around the inside of the box.  This wasn’t a bottle popping, it was an alcoholic grenade.  I had originally thought they’d be under some pressure, but I guess I was wrong about them being safe after a few weeks.  Now I’m going to keep them outside somewhere they won’t get too much sun for a while and check on them later.  I don’t think I’m comfortable with shipping these quite yet.

I’ll report later if there are more incidents (and start drinking them tonight).  I’m just glad I didn’t give too many away so far – someone could have had a bad day.

2 thoughts on “My Own Angry Orchard

  1. The 4 we’ve had in the fridge haven’t had any incidents.  We drank two of them last week, so the remaining two still look to be in stable condition.  🙂

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