Beer. From Georgia.

GAHopsIt’s a wonderful time in Georgia.  We have an explosive growth rate for beer brewers in the state and there doesn’t seem to be any slowing down.  In celebration, I’m going to do my best to go the entire month of March drinking beers exclusively from breweries in the state of Georgia.  So far I’m off to a good start, having gone to the Secret Stash Bash in Atlanta where several local breweries showed up.

The Georgia Craft Beer Fest is March 22 (the FIRST ANNUAL, by the way) and there are already 25 breweries committed to showing up.  To tell the truth, I couldn’t name 25 of them. I think that may be dangerously close to 100% participation.  Last time I looked, the Brewers Association counted 63 breweries in Georgia, and over half of them were breweries in planning.  Enough said.

However, off the top of my head here are the Georgia breweries I’m aware of:

That’s 16.  I’m ashamed of myself that I may be forgetting 9 of my own state’s breweries. Of course, there’s no brewery around my part of the state.  If there were one to start, I’d be the one to start it.  There are many decisions to make…

I, subject to allotted time, will be updating this list with Georgia Craft Breweries as I come across them.  I hope to see all of them at the Georgia Craft Beer Fest in a few weeks.


If you know of a brewery in Georgia I haven’t mentioned here yet, please let me know!  You can find me on Twitter or just put one in the comments!