Choosing the Brewery of the Month


I’m not sure where to start. I’ve been working with Donovan at Anairo Media trying to get the show together and it’s come down to this: How do I write a show?

While I figure that out, I need some help from Craft Brewers around the globe. I’d like to feature a brewery-of-the-month so that formerly undiscovered craft breweries can have that much more of a voice by being introduced on the show. I’m all about advocacy and would like nothing more than to convert someone from common light lager to awesome craft beer. Here’s what I need:

I would like craft breweries, one at a time, to vicariously get up on stage with me and tell the world who they are and where, how they got started, what they make (styles, etc.), where they are distributed, and what they hold for the future. More or less what you’ve printed on your “About Us” page on your website, but with a personal touch. Craft beer comes from people who want to make it, not factories. There is a lot more than just quality malted grains and fresh hops in those bottles – it’s passion and a love for the art of brewing. We’d like to share some of that with our readers/listeners/watchers, and I’m sure you would too.

So here’s my call to action: send me an e-mail and/or fill out this form so we can get started on the part of the show that features your brewery!